SPBE Blog #2- Editing a Self-Published Book




As I said in my previous blog, copy editing errors are the reason that most self-published books are rejected during the indieBRAG screening process. An indie author must not edit his or her own book. Although professional copy editing can be expensive, it is the single best use of an author’s money. There are also other less expensive ways of doing this such as by using beta readers or joining writers’ groups.

Here are two slides from our presentation that address this issue:


As you can see in Slide 19, our readers ranked copy editing as fourth in importance of the characteristics in their liking a book. BUT as Slide 20 shows, it is the number one reason why readers dislike a book. In other words, good editing alone will not make a book but bad editing will certainly kill it!


In conclusion, we cannot emphasize enough that an author rarely gets a second chance at a good first impression!

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