Second, or even Third Editions?

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This is something I have pondered about for a while. I quite often see a book stating just that, when I scroll through Amazon or such, in search of my latest read.

Why is there a need to change your book? Are you saying the original version was incorrect or not to your liking?

After all, you have written your masterpiece, read it, corrected it, re-read it. Had it copy edited and proofread. Only then did you press the ‘publish’ button. While awaiting for the first five star review, your friend or family member tells you they have found the dreaded typo. We take comfort that this happens to the most accomplished writers being signed by the largest Publishing Houses and selling millions of books. But now you know about your book, and you will not rest, until it is corrected.

Yes, it has also happened to me. To change the printed version proved costly, but had to be done.

Correcting typos does not constitute a second edition, and remember, you need to un-publish the first edition once the second one is available.

Why a second edition? Maybe your first novel is now part of a series. Hence, there might be the need to delete a section or add a chapter. Perhaps, it was necessary to introduce a new character who was essential to the storyline in books two and three. Whatever the reason, issuing a second edition is a huge decision and not to taken lightly.

In addition to the interior changes, one must consider a new cover, necessary to differentiate between the two editions, since the first edition is now out of print.

Naturally, when writing non-fiction or school books, revised editions contain new data.

Have you ever felt the need to issue a second or even third edition? Maybe, you could share your experience here with us?

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