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Missing Children’s Society of Canada
When six-year-old Tania Murrell disappeared from Edmonton, Alberta, in 1983, the search efforts for her received
national media attention and inspired the first non-profits in Canada dedicated to the search for missing children.
These first search agencies focused on public awareness and prevention programs. With the exception of poster
distributions, little attention was put on the actual search for missing children or on support of searching families.
Out of this need to do more for searching families, the Missing Children Society of Canada was created in 1986.
Since that time, MCSC has assisted law enforcement and searching families in thousands of cases.
The 2011 year marks our 25th anniversary of continuing the search for missing children. As we look to our future, we
are as driven as ever to continue the search for our missing children.
Looking Back on our 25 Year Legacy
May 25th is officially declared “National Missing Children’s Day” in Canada by then Solicitor General Perrin Beatty.
In November 1986, the MCSC was created by our founder and first Executive Director, Rhonda Morgan. Wanting to
take a more hands-on role in the search for missing children, Rhonda trained to become a licensed professional
investigator in 1985. She went on to found MCSC and develop its comprehensive search program to assist police and
searching parents in the active and ongoing search for missing children. Rhonda continued to lead MCSC as
Executive Director for the next 23 years.
MCSC coordinates its first “Light The Way Home” campaign to mark the month of May leading up to National Missing
Children’s Day on May 25th.
Barb Snider, a long-time International Case Manager for MCSC, received the Our Missing Children Award of Excellence
in 2003. The award recognized Barb Snider’s dedication to the search for missing children, and her demonstrated
excellence and impact in the field.
The Missing Children Society of Canada is officially recognized by the RCMP National Missing Children Services. In 2006,
MCSC was awarded the Air Canada Kids’ Horizons/RCMP Child Recovery Award in recognition of our efforts in the
search for and safe recovery of missing children.
Barb Snider, then an International Case Manager with MCSC, marked her 25th year of service in the search for missing
In October 2009, Rhonda Morgan was honoured for marking 25 years of service in the search for missing children.
In January 2010, MCSC welcomed the appointment of a new Executive Director, Amanda Pick. Following a lengthy
period of planning, the appointment marked the transition of leadership from Rhonda Morgan, the organization’s
founder and previous Executive Director. The transition marked a period of change for the organization, as it looks to
the future to embrace new approaches while continuing to build on the legacy of reuniting families across this country
and internationally.
This year marks MCSC’s 25th anniversary of assisting police and searching families in the active and ongoing search for
missing children. Thank you to the thousands of donors and supporters who have made our important work possible.
We ask for your ongoing support as we remain dedicated to continuing the search for our missing children.

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2012 B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree

Finding Emma by Steena Holmes


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