Eat, Drink, Read!

Where do you usually read – in bed, in a favorite chair? Maybe in a backyard swing on a summer day? I spend most of my reading time at night in bed – could be that’s why I seem tired all the time! Where do you read?

Do you eat while you’re reading? I came across this list of Best and Worst foods to eat while you are reading and although there are some good suggestions, they left out two of the best (and easiest): chocolate and potato chips! I have been known to settle down with a good book, a glass of wine (also sadly left off the list) and a bag of chips. I can think of only a few things that can top that.

What would you add to the list?


1. Bite-sized pasta – You eat this primly, with one hand and a fork, leaving the other hand free for the book.
2. Soup – Most soups are one-hand affairs.
3. Crackers, cookies, and carbs in general – But beware. Not only do they get crumbs in your pages you will also eat too much while reading.
4. Hard pretzels – Bite-sized and non-messy.
5. Cheese plate – although properly snobby, it goes well with a nice read fest, good with port and a pair of slippers. Also, easy to eat. Port, Stilton, and pears, all cut beforehand into bite-size pieces, go well with a deep read in the evenings.


1. Big burritos- These take concentration and skill to eat without making a mess – forget about turning the pages.
2. Most sandwiches – Also two-hand affairs. If you have a book stand, though, these can still be OK.
3. Complicated salads – Too much work; you’re always having to look down at your plate.
4. Soft pretzels – Too greasy.
5. Popcorn – Also too greasy, and distractingly noisy.

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3 responses to “Eat, Drink, Read!”

  1. Geri says:

    I have a special comfy chair by the fire I do all my reading in in the winter. In the summer and warmer weather I like to sit on the porch and hear the birds singing while I read.

    I love a glass of wine and anything salty (potato chips!) I should eat veggies – but only if someone else does the cutting. The truth is, if it’s a really good book I don’t think about eating!

  2. Harmony Kent says:

    Definitely a reading in bed kind of a gal. I have to agree that chocolate and wine should be top of the best list for ingesting when reading. I am also partial to a sip of single malt whiskey here and there, that – together with a good book – is a great night in!

  3. Stephanie Hopkins says:

    I have a favorite chair in the living room and I also like to read in bed. Since it’s Summer time I will be reading quite a bit by the poolside. I like to have a nice cup of hot tea when reading. along with a treat-like chocolate or something salty.

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