Cover Crush: Breaker of Bones by David Penny

I am not a cover designer but I can agree that cover layouts play an important role in the overall presentation of books and I must admit, often times I first judge a book by its cover.


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Torn between duty and survival.

Moorish Spain, 1483. As the country prepares for more war, surgeon Thomas Berrington makes a reluctant journey to Qurtuba at his master’s request. What he thinks will be a simple operation and a return home to al-Andalus becomes something much more sinister.

A warped killer is murdering young women and creating twisted creatures from their bodies. When Queen Isabel tasks Thomas to hunt down the culprit, he has no choice but to plunge deep into an unfamiliar world of religious mania. Meanwhile, the eunuch Jorge tracks down the family he hasn’t seen in decades, only to learn his newfound niece has been chosen as the killer’s next victim.

As Thomas and Jorge pursue a monster known only as The Bonebreaker, they must face their most dangerous challenge yet. Failure to catch the killer in time could rid Jorge of the only family he’s ever known.

Breaker of Bones is the second book in the Thomas Berrington collection of historical thrillers. If you like believable characters, rich settings, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then you’ll love David Penny’s breakneck thriller set in tumultuous fifteenth century Moorish Spain.


I hear nothing but fabulous things about Breaker of Bones by many people. They keep telling me. “Have you read it yet? You must!” I have added it to my list of books to read this year and I am looking forward to it! I love the cover. So dramatic and the way the title presents itself, you know you are going to read one heck of a thriller! I need to mention I love mysteries and period stories. So this is right up my alley. I want to encourage you all to read this story so we can discuss it together sometime!

Stephanie M. Hopkins

**Cover Crush is a weekly series that originated with Erin at Flashlight Commentary.

Stephanie M. Hopkins


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  1. Tea says:

    Seeing the castle on the cover, helps me to remember the time and the people. Let’s see ; It is Moorish Spain, 1483. This is a time I would like to read about for Historical Fiction.

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