A Chat with…Nuriel & Zilya


By Award Winning Author Diana L. Wicker

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree

Bella: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?

Zilya: We appear together in the newest adventure from the Age of Awakenings set, Legacy of Mist and Shadow. It’s the story of my discovery of my family’s background and where my magics came from.

Nuriel: *snorts as he turns to look at her* It is not. It is the story of the rediscovery of my World Beyond.

Zilya: hmm…perhaps we should just tell you what the author says about the story and let you decide for yourself.

“Old relics and have stories of their own. Sometimes they contain adventures waiting to be sparked and journeys bursting to begin.

The Box of Melodies was left with Clan Caris by Lady Oyisha, daughter of the mists, for care and keeping. A series of visions revealing the last desperate moments of a forgotten clan – the loss of their gateway to Feyron and the escape of a lone traveler holding the box – spurs a handful of adventuresome youth on a trek through the Lesser Forest where they inadvertently cause a ripple through the mists with unintended consequences.

A few of the youth find themselves on an unexpected journey to a World Beyond, lost in mist and shadow, where misunderstanding and suspicion lead to danger and darkness. Forgotten histories are discovered, clan secrets are revealed, and old alliances are remembered as the families of the lost seek to discover where the youth have been drawn by the memories within the Mists of Time.”

Bella: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?

Nuriel: I am Nuriel, last descendant of the last Summoner. I suppose I’m the leader of the Avahaa, the remaining few, although that’s not a responsibility I ever asked for. I was just a child when my grandfather fell in battle.

Zilya: *rolls her eyes and shakes her head* You ‘suppose’ you’re the leader of those left behind? He darn well knows they all look to him for leadership.

I am Zilya, a griffin-child from clan Caris. I know that may seem odd, as Caris is the clan of shapeshifters, but my mother is a griffin-child, like her mother before her. I see visions in the moonlit mists. In this tale I find myself on an unexpected journey in an unforeseeable location. There’s nothing quite so disconcerting as finding yourself in a strange location where you can’t understand a word anyone is saying.

Bella: What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.

Zilya: I do wish she’d give us a bit of a heads up before dropping us in an adventure. I was, after all, a barely mentioned little sister, hardly more than a side note before this. It was quiet unexpected to find myself in the middle of one of her tales.

Nuriel: I, for one, and grateful to the author for telling our tale. Far too long did we wait in the shadows longing for the light.

Bella: How do you feel about the story you’re in?

Nuriel: Well, it’s the story of the rediscovery of my World Beyond, so I suppose I’d darn well better like it. I do hope she decides to look back on our past, for that is a story worthy of being told.

Zilya: I’m not really sure. Being throw into the middle of an adventure, finding magics I never knew I had…it’s all been quite overwhelming. I’m not really sure how I feel about all the excitement. I’m sort of used to fading into the background.

Bella: Do you like being a character in the book?

Zilya: You know, I’m not really sure. *giggles* I guess I keep saying that, don’t I?

Nuriel: *rolls his eyes and sighs, muttering something under his breath* Well, I am pleased that this story has been told, and I can’t imagine it can be told without me.

Bella: How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.

Nuriel: My future? *appears slightly confused* Now it’s my turn to say ‘I’m not really sure.’ So much has changed around me, but nothing has changed within me. I still feel…sort of lost.

Zilya: I sort of hope it goes back to normal, but I’m not sure that it can. I mean, after such an adventure, you’re not really the same person anymore, are you? *glances sidelong at Nuriel*

Bella: What do you know about your author’s plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?

Zilya: Oh gosh I hope not! *covers mouth and blushes* Is that rude to say? I mean, all things considered, I’m sure I will be. I just hope it’s a much calmer tale.

Nuriel: *says softly to himself as he watches Zilya* Some people are too important not to be mentioned again. *coughs loudly as Zilya glances over at him* I don’t know if I’ll be in any future stories. I may well have fulfilled my purpose now, as far as storytelling goes. I guess we’ll just have to see.

Bella: Let’s say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?

Nuriel: The author likes this thing called anime. I’ve heard her say that she once saw me in a show. The character’s name was Arawn, and he’s apparently my twin. As to live actors, possibly Colin Morgan.

Zilya: ooo, movies! That is something I do miss from my old World Beyond. Oh gosh, choosing someone to be me? Wow…

There’s so many good actresses that play characters my age. It’s so hard to decide… um…maybe, Amandla Stenberg?


Legacy of Mist and Shadow

Diana L. Wicker

Reprinted with permission of Bella – Boom Baby Reviews

Published on… 20 December 2014

Published as… Young Adult Fantasy, Coming of Age

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