Antagonist Hun King, Uldric with Award Winning Author Scott Prill

I’d like to welcome Award Winning Author Scott Prill today to talk about his antagonists. Scott was born in Iowa and received a M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa in 1977.  His subsequent career choices have reflected a strong interest in natural resources.  Since graduating, Scott has held positions as a limnologist and environmental consultant.  He also has a M.B.A. and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.  For the previous twenty-six years, Scott has been an in-house environmental consultant for the law firm of Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Scott resides in Bayside, Wisconsin, with his wife, Marcie.  He enjoys spending time with their three adult children and writing.  Into the Realm of Time is Scott’s debut novel. 

Antagonists name. 

There is more than one antagonist in Into the Realm of Time.  However, the number one antagonist would be the Hun King, Uldric.

What are two emotional traits your antagonist has?

Uldric’s is a man with a narrow focus.  His two primary emotional traits are ambition on both personal and establishing Hun empire levels.  He is also has a “chip on his shoulder” and motivated by revenge.

Does your antagonist feel victimized? How so?

Yes. Uldric learns he and his twin brother, Rao, have been used by arrival Hun leader, Zestras, to attack either Rome or Constantinople.  As result, Uldric’s forces would be weakened allowing Zestras to become the leader of the Huns.

What motivates him/her?

Uldric seeks to become primary leader of the Huns.  He also seeks greatness for his people.  He will do what is necessary to achieve both objectives.

Who is your him/her rival?

Uldric has three main rivals:  his brother Rao, who acts to restrain Uldric’s ambitions; Zestras, the equally ambitious rival Hun; and ultimately the Roman General, Marcus Augustus Valerias.

How do you sympathize with him/her?

One does not sympathize with Uldric as much as understand him.  He is a very ambitious man with little sympathy for those who oppose him. At times, he underestimates the forces that are aligned against him.

How does he/she express themselves?

Uldric expresses himself by using brute force to dominate a situation.  Using that force creates a both a physical and mental domination of his adversaries.

What advice would you give a new writer in creating their Antagonist? 

My suggestion is to make the antagonist believable.  I don’t want any of my antagonistic characters to have super human values.  If the antagonists and protagonists are believable, the reader will be more likely to identify with them and believe the story.

Out of all the stories you have read, who is your favorite Antagonist?

I don’t have a stand out “favorite” antagonist.  However, the vampire in Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot provided me with more than a few uncomfortable moments that I remember to this day.  I have always found Ebenezer Scrooge in Dicken’s The Christmas Carol to be an interesting study of a man who is combination of an antagonist and a protagonist.

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