An Interview with the author of Veggie’s Bully

Our indieBRAG Kids chat with author C JoVan Williams


A drawing by our indieBRAG Kids!

Mrs. D and Class!
I’m always happy to hear from readers! Thank you so much for reaching out to me and here are the answers to your questions.

1. I like it because it rhymes. Why did you make it funny?
Devin, I wanted to keep young readers like you entertained while still telling an important story. As long as you stay positive, remember to always be true to yourself.

2. Why is Piggy so mean?
Ewan, I don’t even think Piggy know why he’s so mean. Hopefully, he’ll get better!

3. When was the story written?
William, I wrote the story in December of 2013.

4. Why did you write about Veggie?
Sophie, Veggie reminds me a little bit of me and how I deal with people who don’t always have kind words to say.

5. Why do the characters have food names?
Gideon, I love food just as much as I love writing, so I wanted to combine the two!

6. Why did you write this story?
Julissa, I wanted to share with others that you don’t have to let the words of others ruin your day…or your life!

7. Why did you make the pig mean?
Lauren, I wanted to create a character that reminded readers, that not everyone will have nice things to say to you all the time.

8. When did you start liking to write stories?
Michael, I’ve been writing since I was nine years old.

9. Why was Piggy mean to Veggie?
Gavin, I created Piggy to be mean to Veggie, but I may come back to his character and change his ways.

10. Why did you choose the title Veggie’s Bully?
Jackson and Ashlyn, I wanted readers to know exactly what this book would be about.

11. Why is the monkey named Carb?
Nathan, Carb got his name because it was shorter than carbohydrate! I love most things with carbs in it!

12. When was you story made into a book for children to read?                                        Connor, it was officially printed and published in January 2014.

13. I love your story. Why are the characters animals?                                                           Cara, I wanted to write a story with characters that young readers would find fun.

14. Why was the monkey’s name Carb and the bunny’s name Veggie? I think it was because they were supposed to eat very healthy.
Rebecca and Victoria, well, that’s not exactly the reason, but my goals for the both of them is to have a balanced and healthy eating lifestyle.

15. Why is the rabbit name Veggie?
Daria and Victoria, I created Veggie to be the one who tries to get Carb to like more vegetables.

16. Why does the pig have to be so mean?
Anna Lucia, I wanted to show that not everyone is nice in a story.

17. Why is Carb trying to get back at Piggy even though he knows he shouldn’t be mean?
Melody, Carb wanted to defend his friend because she was sad, but with Uncle Bear’s help, he realized there was another way for Veggie to deal with Piggy.



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