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The Rhymer’s Daughter


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In Leopard’s Bane #1, The Poisoned Garden, rich boy Peglar and poor girl Yalka form an unlikely relationship. They both value this but it collapses when Peglar’s half-brother and step-sister join forces to discredit him.
Peglar is outlawed at the end of Book 1 and now has a price on his head. As Book 2 begins, his half-brother’s men are looking for him. If they find him death awaits, and he must learn new skills and make alliances with unlikely partners if he is to survive.
Yalka is now homeless and blames Peglar for the fire which killed her brother. She too must try to find a new life but with no connections and no skills her options are limited. She learns that the fire was not Peglar’s fault but before the two can become reconciled the hunt for Peglar heats up and he must run. His only option is to escape to sea, working on a rusty coastal trader. The captain discovers who he is, and plans to keep him on board until they can return to port so he can claim the reward. Before that can happen the ship is captured by pirates.
Meanwhile Yalka falls victim to a trick which lands her in the clutches of slave traders. She’s sold and finds that her buyer is the last person she ever wanted to see.
Fate deals Yalka and Peglar blows which, though different, force them in the same direction. However, before they can reunite they must face separate challenges which could destroy them both.

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