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The dimension of Asper existed in harmony with Earth for eons, until a brutal war ripped them apart. Now, thousands of years later, the malevolent queen of Asper aims to fuse the rift and rule them both.

But there’s one person who can stop her—16-year-old sorceress, Milla.

Sparked by grief, Milla sets out for vengeance after the queen kills her father for the scroll that can merge the worlds. Rash and undisciplined, however, she’s no match for the vicious ruler. Yet.

Milla flees through a portal to Earth where she can master her craft without being hunted, and return for the kill. Alone in a strange land, she unexpectedly bonds with 17-year-old Parker who, despite his conniving ex-girlfriend, believes in her.

But with the death of her father, so too, died a spell he cast to bury her memories, and Milla uncovers a past so unthinkable, it derails her future. Can she still do what she set out to? Or should she risk everything—Earth, Asper, Parker—all for the sake of hope?

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