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I Know What You’re Thinking

A mind-bending YA adventure


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Genres Young Adult, Thriller
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Two friends, Beth and Callum, share a remarkable ability. Although born in different places, they both came into the world in the same instant, and by some quirk that gives rise to a strange ability: each is able to see into the mind of the other. They live in the same town, Beth with her gran and Callum with his stepfather, and as they grow up they become inseparable and are never apart for long. However, one day Callum is seized by a gang which is harvesting human organs to sell for illegal transplants, and he is taken to a private medical facility far away. Beth senses that Callum is in trouble and it takes not only her gift but all her strength, ingenuity and will to discover where he’s been taken and try to save him.

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