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The Worthy Negotiation


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Genres Thriller
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James Worthy’s life is out of control. The military has discharged him for a crime they can’t prove. His wife and daughter are dead. He has no future and his past haunts him. But a mysterious phone call gives him a way out of his miserable life. Now he has a chance at redemption.

When he accepts a meeting to discuss a lucrative position, he walks into more than he bargained for. He believes it is a simple interview to discuss his qualifications and skill as a sniper. However, the two men on the other side of the table, Barnaby and Nathan, are interested in much more. They need a signature on one of their contracts before the grandfather clock chimes.

Time is running out. Rules have been broken. Lives and lies have been exposed.

Would you bare your soul to get the one thing you can’t have?

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