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The Hippocratic Deception


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What happens when the people you trust with your life are the ones you fear most?

A third-year law student with no experience, Justina Gonzalez is ecstatic to get a job with a prestigious Manhattan law firm. When her first assignment at a local hospital involves a dead compliance officer and employees suddenly disappearing amid allegations of drug diversion, Justina suspects she is in way over her head.

Justina soon discovers that the case extends well beyond the powerful physicians who are trying to shut down the investigation, leaving her unsure about whom to trust. The situation becomes critical when the crimes escalate from drugs to kidnapping, and Justina realizes she is the only one who can put the pieces together before it’s too late.

The Hippocratic Deception provides a gripping insider’s view into the world of healthcare crimes, investigations, and politics-a place where not everyone is whom they appear to be.

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