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Spark Out

A hard-boiled suspense thriller


Website(s) Author Website- The Ripper File 
Book Series Boxer Boys series
Genres Thriller
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The second book in the Boxer Boys series, a prequel to Crossing The Whitewash, Spark Out is a gritty hard-boiled crime thriller based in London UK in the early 80s at a time when Margaret Thatcher is Prime Minister and Britain is on the verge of war in the Falklands.

Hard man Big Mo rules family and friends with a rod of iron.
From his base in a rundown area of London, he is driven by a desire to emerge from the shadow of his career criminal father and lift his family out of the poverty trap.
When a warehouse raid turns up more than he bargains for, Mo finds himself in possession of the weapons he needs to transform himself from petty criminal to big-time armed robber.
Planning the ultimate raid, Mo seems to have everything under control until Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher orders British troops – including his younger brother Clive – to war in the Falklands.
As Mo fights the police and his own vicious temper, Clive faces a battle for survival in the desolate south Atlantic.
Eventually their two worlds will collide, threatening Mo and all he holds dear.

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