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Hot Ice, Cold Blood


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Book Series The Taylor-Tyson Trilogy: A Decade of Danger
Genres Thriller
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For Victor Sykes, business is good. His illegal diamond importing business is thriving, and circumstances require that he bring more people to his team. His niece and nephew, Rubi Lee and Zeke Dixon, are as dangerous as they are desperate, and they’ll follow orders to make sure everything goes right. But when the shipment of diamonds-sewn into the inner lining of a sweatshirt-is mistakenly confiscated, the entire operation is put at risk, along with all its players.

Every since she moved to the heart of Washington, DC, Daisy’s life has been fabulous. She enjoys her new job tending bar at the Black LaSalle, gets along with her boss Erin, and reconnects with her childhood friend NT-now called Nick-after a chance encounter. But one cold night when Daisy wears a left-behind sweatshirt home from the bar, she sets in motion a domino effect that leaves some of her friends in danger and others dead.

As Daisy and Nick try to decode the mysterious events plaguing the Black LaSalle, they are thrust into an elaborate heist involving the highest echelons of government-and when they come face to face with the criminals, not everyone will survive.

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