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From Miracle to Murder

Justice for Adam


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What would you do if you were accused of murdering your child?
It seems unfathomable, but that happened to Joyce.

Raised in a misogynistic religion, Joyce was shunned by her family when her abusive husband abandoned her and their two children. She became a single mom to Anne, her nine-year-old daughter, and Adam, her six-year-old severely disabled son. Adam required constant care, and Joyce was on welfare. She wanted more for herself and her children so she enrolled in a local community college. When Adam died, the babysitter claimed the boy was lifeless when Joyce dropped him off. The coroner said the timing of Adam’s death placed him with Joyce, and his little body showed signs of ongoing abuse. The children’s father depicted Joyce as an abusive mother. How could Child Protective Services, the investigating officers, the district attorney, state psychologists, and a grand jury all be wrong?
How could anyone believe Joyce didn’t murder Adam?
How could anyone believe she did?

From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam is a gripping, this-really-happened true crime memoir based on police reports, depositions, court records, a grand jury transcript, criminal trial transcripts, psychologists’ evaluations, eyewitness accounts, victim impact statements, public media, Adam’s autopsy report, plus the author’s own journals and her haunting memories.

“A powerful, powerful story of justice and triumph for a little boy who deserved so much more, and for an innocent woman who was accused of murdering her own child. Joyce Lefler tells Adam’s story, and her own, with compassion and dispassion, with conviction, and most of all, with a frightening clarity in exposing the weaknesses in our justice system. Kudos to the detectives who reopened the cold case on Adam’s murder, and refused to give up until they uncovered the truth.”

“If you want a definition of unconditional love, you must read this story. Murder is not an easy subject to talk about, especially if it’s about your own son. Joyce does a fantastic job guiding us through her darkest days and lead us towards a shiny day in San Diego. Your heart will cry, tear apart and be filled with love and laughter. I hugged my son after reading this book.”

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