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Website(s) hamlinparkirregulars@gmail.com 
Book Series The Hamlin Park Irregulars series
Genres Thriller, Mystery
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Eager to revive her investigative journalist chops after her second daughter’s birth, Tina Thomas and her fellow sleuthing stay-at-home moms are back, uniting in their attempts to save the day – and each other.

brainy-BOOM!, the fourth book in the Hamlin Park Irregulars series, begins when Tina’s editor husband asks her to interview a Russian investor who’s lost his clients’ money. The routine assignment goes awry when she finds the man dead in his office chair. Though she exits immediately, anyone familiar with Tina knows she can’t help but return to scrutinize the scene for a story. In the meantime, the corpse has disappeared — leaving Tina unable to prove he was killed, and the only knowledgeable source to interview about the Russian is a physician who has dementia. The labyrinthine plot keeps unearthing more suspicion and intrigue, including The Irregulars learning that Diane Warren (from bada-BOOM!, series book 3) aims to wreak vengeance by hiring a hit man to kill them all.

With new babies, new threats, and an increasingly BOOM!ing community of friends wanting to join the Irregulars, the stakes in brainy-BOOM! are at their highest yet. Can Tina and her gang figure out the killer(s) before they are killed?

Can you?

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