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A Vial Upon the Sun


Genres Thriller, Historical Fiction
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In 1487 the king of Spain, acting through Tomás de Torquemada, the First Inquisitor General of the Holy Office of the Spanish Inquisition, orders the first of the murders. For the next five centuries priests, cardinals, royal officials, nobles, and bankers are manipulated and killed by the Guardians of the Fourth Angel to protect a secret plot and a vast and relentlessly growing fortune.

In the twenty-first century the now-massive fortune is used to unleash terror and seize political power as the New Inquisition rises from its historical ashes. A president’s daughter, a history professor, a television media technician, and a revolutionary terrorist race across Latin America in an attempt to expose the New Inquisition to the world. Armed with nothing but their own knowledge, courage, and skills, they face paid assassins, a military coup, and a nuclear threat.

A Vial Upon the Sun is co-authored by father and son James Codlin and Craig Codlin.

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