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8 Seconds to Midnight


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8 Seconds to Midnight takes the reader on a non-stop thrill-ride that begins with the clandestine transfer of nuclear material from a secure Pakistani military installation thirty miles north of Islamabad to a group of radical Islamists bent on the destruction of the West. It culminates in the streets of New York — minutes before the impending detonation of a fifteen kiloton nuclear bomb. The city’s survival hinges on one man, Commander John Hart, and his ability to ferret out the perpetrators, discern where the weapon is hidden, and disable it before midnight on December 31. Hart must rely on equal measures of brawn, brain, and prayer to stop the cadre of jihadists whose plan has been in the making for sixteen years. Should he fail, the job of healing America’s potentially mortal wound will fall squarely on the shoulders of Dr. Elizabeth Wilkins. It is a job she did not ask for, and hopes never materializes.

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