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Star Racers


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Illustrator J.C. Park, Piotr Foksowicz, Zheng Wei Gu, Gordon Studer
Genres Science Fiction
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The Star Racers saga begins, and way too much fun awaits you… In the year 3834, Maelae and other ruthless killers threaten Earth and thousands of planets. Earth and other planets have only one hope: win a dangerous race called Grand Battle. Courageous art gallery owner Sashi Oon trains to become a racing sponsor, but nearly everyone considers her unqualified to guide any battlejet pilot through the massive obstacles of the electrifying race. When Sashi chooses Rev Arden the kid from Earth, no one gives them a chance. Join Sashi, Rev, rockstars Stepp Gro and Krissy Frekels and their brave, lifelike warrior princess dolls, as well as Dupaon, Scrap Meat, Eyeball, Betsy’s Lover, and Imani from Intelligent Sources on this incredible adventure. Don’t miss the Pinky & Dux Show!

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