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When I was very small I told my grandfather I wanted to work in the movie business. He shook his head and told me to change my mind – he worked on over 100 films for Technicolor. But after I gave him a look that said we would be enemies for life, he changed his mind.

I don’t know where that stubbornness to dedicate myself to storytelling came from, it was there as if planted at birth.

When I was a teen my wolf dog bit me. Sometimes I wonder what changes a person could go through after ten years with an animal skilled in sensing things humans can’t.

I swam, bowled, rode my bike, played baseball, football, and tennis, but in the afternoons and sometimes until dawn I was drawn to stories of all kinds.

After working two years for homeless women I developed a mission statement: Write great stories that would improve myself and the world. Reading is so important to a writer, and Adler’s How to Read A Book sparked a lot of reading.

After thirty years of writing screenplays, I spent five years writing my first novel. Star Racers won the 2016 National Medal Award for Best Science Fiction. The novel is self-published and offers over 100 pages of illustrations and art.

I’m currently writing the second novel of the Star Racers saga.

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