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Power Initiates

A Cosmic Endeavor Story


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Genres Science Fiction
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After discovering the key to interstellar travel, humanity has become a civilization cultivating many planets, but not everyone is living in paradise. When a terrorist conflict crosses the border into the United Republic’s space, it uncovers the first remnants of a lost alien civilization. It’s now up to a soldier and a diplomat gifted with psychic powers to uncover the conspiracy behind their disappearance, which now threatens life as they know it.

Race Allard always knew he was different. The world around him always seemed to follow in predictable patterns that only he could see. Coming of age, Race applied for citizenship with the United Galactic Republic. Forced into the Space Marines Corp, Race attempted to avoid combat by requesting a research position. The military’s rebuttal was a unique assignment in special ops, hoping to make use of his ability to detect dangers and prevent threats.

Sensitive to other’s emotions, Illandra Page used her gifts to be the center of every social gathering. Working with people or crowds came as second nature to her. Illandra’s skills were rewarded with an invitation to the United Republic’s diplomatic program, where her abilities to read people would be an asset to the government in negotiations and unraveling foreign plots.

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