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Award-winning Science Fiction Author


About Richard Ross

Born in the year of the Star Wars, Richard has been a fan of Science Fiction and Fantasy all my life, literally. Seriously, his mom will tell you stories of how the only thing that would keep him quiet as a baby was reruns of the original Star Trek. Growing up, he found a lot of his friends in the library. His favorite authors are Piers Anthony and David Eddings.

Richard is an extremely creative person, and loves using his skills to build fictional worlds and websites, and helping others. While stumbling around in one of his imaginary worlds, Richard couldn’t help but stop and think, “This would make a great story!” Thus, he started down the path of becoming an author. So far, he has published one book, Power Initiates, the first book for Cosmic Endeavor, with many more to come!

Richard currently lives in Southern California, where he moved after leaving the US Marine Corps. He is currently married to Paola Ross, who miraculously manages to put up with his crazy antics. He currently has two children, Trenton and Kayla.

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