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After escaping the laboratory where he was imprisoned by the scientific mega-corporation GenTech, Kata (AKA former college student Kalin Taylor) wants just one thing: to go back to his homeworld of Trandellia with his friend, Project Tau, and forget all about what happened to him. Forget about being illegally imprisoned and mutated, forget about GenTech’s attempts to break and sell him as a piece of livestock, and above all, forget the torture and degradation he suffered at the hands of some of the scientists.

Too bad life has other ideas. Everyone who meets him, including his own rulers, see him as nothing but a weapon to be turned on their enemies. Upon arriving on Trandellia, Kata learns that the price of his and Tau’s being allowed to live there is simple: go to the entirely lawless world of Atthiras, and find the child of a foreign ambassador who went missing there five years ago before time runs out. If he fails, Tau – who is still legally GenTech’s property – will be shipped back and Kata will most likely be dead.

Rejected by his family, plagued by the psychological trauma of what he endured in GenTech, and betrayed at every turn, Kata will not only have to learn how to trust, but also who to trust. If he picks the wrong person, he and Tau will be dead or re-enslaved, and this time, there’ll be no escape for either of them.

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