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Proud Mary: A Georgian Historical Romance

Roxton Family Saga Book 4


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Book Series Roxton Family Saga
Genres Romance, Historical Fiction
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Mary and Christopher’s Happily Ever After

1770s Gloustershire and Hampshire.

Widowed and destitute, Lady Mary Cavendish is left with only her pride. Daughter of an earl and great-granddaughter to a Stuart King, expectations demand she remarry. But not just any man will do; her husband must rank among the nobility. As always, Mary will do her duty and ignore her heart.

Country squire Christopher Bryce has secretly loved his neighbor Mary for many years. Yet, he is resigned to the cruel reality they are not social equals and thus can never share a future together. Never mind that his scandalous past and a heartbreaking secret make him thoroughly unworthy of such a proud beauty.

But with the help of a family ghost, and the never ordinary members of the Roxton family, Mary and Christopher realize that a happily ever after might just be possible.
Fans of the series will delight in being reacquainted with the fascinating, always surprising, and never ordinary members of the Roxton family.

Audiobook performed by Alex Wyndham

Character-driven romantic adventure
Non explicit (mild sensuality)
Story length 152,000 words

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