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Ghost Town

A Western Paranormal Mystery


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Genres Paranormal, Mystery
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A trained government agent. A sabbatical-turned-nightmare. A secret puppet master whose hold on the strings is brutally tightening…

Seasoned CIA officer Richard Hart is burnt out. Agreeing to meet a top spy during a much-needed month-long break, he gets a sinking feeling of a setup when his car breaks down in the searing heat of the desert. But after he stumbles across a couple of locals in an abandoned town, he makes a horrifying discovery: no one can leave.

As Hart investigates a community full of suspicious characters, he’s shocked to realize he’s been transported one hundred years in the past. Now trapped in the Old West, the hardened operative is battling ghost riders, half-living creatures, and deadly desperados…

Can Hart escape this hellish place before he ends up six feet under dust?

Ghost Town is a thrilling western paranormal mystery novel. If you like gritty heroes, captivating landscapes, and action-packed suspense, then you’ll love AJ Thibault’s rousing race through time.

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