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Wherever the Road Leads

A Memoir of Love, Travel, and a Van


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Wherever the Road Leads, a Memoir of Love, Travel, and a Van, takes you on a stunning two-year van-life adventure. Newlyweds Tom and Katie, an engineer and an artist, meet the rigors of travel and the ups and downs of married life in a Volkswagen microbus that continually needs repair. Surrounded by exotic backdrops from Panama to India and beset by mechanical problems, Tom and Katie drive 40,000 miles across four continents in a world before the internet or cell phones. As a travel memoir, it offers a panorama of destinations off the regular tourist track and a glimpse of overland travel in the 1970s. Descriptions of travel experiences are mixed with details of van-life chores, marketing and cooking on the road, mechanical problems, people encountered along the way, and intimate moments of love and discord. The memoir is beautifully illustrated with photos, pen and ink drawings, quick sketches, and hand-drawn route maps. Perfect for the armchair adventurer, this memoir will also inspire those who long for an adventure of their own.

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