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When Angels Fly


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“When Angels Fly” is a true story of the struggles of a mother before and during the illness and ultimate death of her five year old son. It is a story of perseverance, heartaches, courage, and a mother’s undying love for her child.

A young girl grows up dodging her mother’s blows and as she hides inside her room to cry, she thinks that the years ahead will transform her life. With this belief, she is lured into love and marriage only to later on find out she cannot run away from her past life and that marriage is not a shield she can use against the emotional assaults of her mother.

But faith, in its many forms, drives this young-girl-now-turned-into-a-woman across the other facets of challenges the world has yet to play on her. The loss of a child in her womb, the grappling hands of the man she trusts, the family’s incessant fighting, and yet again the beckoning loss of another son.

Will Sarah survive through all this? And will someone come to turn things around for her, hold her hand, and see her through whatever life has still in store for her?

After surviving the cruel rage of tyranny from her mother and ex-husband, Sarah Jackson traveled a new path; a journey of loss, heartbreak, and ultimately strength. How do we survive the unthinkable, our child suffering from a terminal illness? They say there is no greater loss than that of a child; I say losing a child is the king of loss. Sometimes the thing that helps us survive it, is knowing we are not alone. Bestselling author, Sarah Jackson, will take you on her journey of hope and strength as she provides an intimate raw look at her life.

“I couldn’t help thinking about womanhood while reading When Angels Fly. As a man and a father, it is hard to imagine the kind of feeling my wife has for our two kids. Many times I had to stop reading, close my eyes, and ask myself: “Could this be really happening?” I couldn’t help but wonder about the stuff of which women are made, because Sarah is a tough woman, sensitive, and rich in her humanity. It is inspiring to see how she gives life and nourishes it. The experience with Eli, her son suffering from cancer, is very touching and one that will inspire many people in the way they relate with their children. S. Jackson and A. Raymond have done a wonderful job in sharing experiences that will offer hope and provoke a silent revolution in the way most of us see women and life. It’s a book that every man should read. And I mean every man!” Romuald Dzemo

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