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A Memoir of Letting go and Walking 2,000 Miles to a Meaningful Life


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Many people only ever dream of leaving it all behind to follow their heart. In Wander, Ryan Benz shares the story of how he upended his ‘successful’ life and turned that dream into a reality.

In this raw and authentic memoir, Benz embarks on a journey of physical and emotional perseverance and transformation to discover what it means to live a truly meaningful life.

An encouraging read for the dreamer in each of us, Wander illuminates the impact wandering can have on a person’s life, and is a meditation on purpose, authenticity, and intentionality. While walking over two thousand miles from Georgia to Maine, Benz explores the nature of adventure, self-discovery, and what it means to follow your heart.

While telling the story of one man’s quest for meaning, Wander also serves as a roadmap for the rest of us, inspiring us to awaken to the potential that lies within and choose the path truest to our being.

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