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Three Years in Ethiopia

How a Civil War and Epidemics Led Me to my Daughter


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If you loved Not Without My Daughter or A Long Way Home, you will be captivated by this heartwarming true story.

Sent by the World Health Organization to assist the Ethiopian government in preventing meningitis outbreaks in 1990, Dr. Cornelia Davis eagerly accepted this posting. She headed off to Addis Ababa, not really aware of an obscure war of secession that had been on going for decades in the distant north of the country. The doctor had an ulterior motive for accepting this post — she wanted to adopt an infant girl.

While working in Ethiopia, Dr. Davis provided expert assistance to control meningitis outbreaks in several countries. In between epidemics, Connie submitted her adoption application to the Ministry. Rebels started to capture previous strongholds of the Ethiopian government and the Prime Minister fled the country. Connie was left in charge of the WHO Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit. The airport was closed before all UN staff could be evacuated, and the rebels entered the capital.

In the midst of this chaos, Dr. Davis was given permission to look for an orphan. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as you read about the explosive series of events which destroyed Connie’s house and led her to an infant girl found on the steps of St. George Cathedral. One look, and Connie knew she had found her daughter. However, five days later, she was ordered by WHO to evacuate to Geneva. But not without her daughter!

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