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The View From Breast Pocket Mountain

A Memoir


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THE VIEW FROM BREAST POCKET MOUNTAIN is a unique and previously untold story, a treasure trove of experience crossing borders and cultures, creating a life, and finding contentment in a far-off country.

To those who’ve ever wondered what their lives would be if they’d taken that road without a map, this is the book you need to read. THE VIEW FROM BREAST POCKET MOUNTAIN gives us a glimpse of a life not designed or even imagined.

As a motherless teenager raised by a caring albeit strict father, we see Anton’s developing awareness of the world beyond the boundaries of her New York City neighborhood before she goes on to live in a castle in 1960s Denmark and a cabin in 1970s Vermont. With a burning curiosity and vision of a life as yet unformed, she travels overland to Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and finally to the place she’ll come to call home, Japan.

This memoir is filled with unexpected encounters with the very famous and those unknown and unnamed. On a journey through marriage and motherhood, love, laughter, tragedy and hope, we follow along as Anton makes her way through a life unplanned but well lived. THE VIEW FROM BREAST POCKET MOUNTAIN is a story for our time, reminding the reader of our interconnectedness, our shared humanity.

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