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The Greater Weight of Glory

A Memoir


Website(s) spencersmom.com: website and blog 
Illustrator Robert Lyon – Cover Illustrator
Genres Non-Fiction
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“That’s my son!” – three words that swept away everything familiar from Robin Farnsworth’s life. An emergency room nurse at work one night, she identifies the dead man on an ER stretcher. Spencer, her 21-year-old son, was the unintended target of a murder.

Reaching back to 1964, when Robin lost her brother, The Greater Weight of Glory is a series of small stories; tragic, tender, wild and wondrous but all pointing to the universal question: “Where is God, anyway?” The answers are unexpected – in a church that passes popcorn buckets, in a beach parking lot, in the kitchen of a hopeful single mother of three sons. But when Spencer is murdered, Robin begins a journey through unspeakable pain and darkness, discovering not only where God is, but also who He is.

This is more than one person’s story – it is a tapestry of brokenness and small courage, of lessons in love and letting go, and of the power of forgiveness and simple faith that walks on earth and touches heaven.

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