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The Girlfriend Mom

A Memoir


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Can you ditch the guy and keep his kids?

Dani (intentionally child-free) fell in love with someone with kids. Facing inherent complications, she reluctantly became a quasi-parental figure, worrying how (or if) she would (or could) love (or like) her boyfriend’s kids. She struggled to set boundaries, ricocheting between them and me while addressing her hang-ups, biases, and immaturity. And just when she couldn’t imagine life without the kids, she was dumped for a natural blonde.

Adrift in an avalanche of hurt, Dani wouldn’t be ignored, not after seven years. Love wouldn’t be denied, and she and the kids wouldn’t break up.

Alpert’s darkly funny memoir takes us through the ups and downs of making, un-making, and then re-making a new family. It’s a story about unconditional love, unimaginable friendship, and a fierce tenacity to fight for what is right. It’s about human connections and the relationships you never saw coming. The Girlfriend Mom explores what it means to not only love but to be loved.

The role of a Girlfriend Mom is little understood and widely undervalued. No one talks about how to navigate this undefined territory. Dani’s distinctive position and perspective is representative of the growing communities of DIY families. Her look at the world, and the circumstances that created The Girlfriend Mom, allow readers to join her journey without putting themselves in immediate danger.

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