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Intoxicating Tango

My Years in Buenos Aires


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Illustrator Cover illustration by Andy Bridge
Book Series The Death Dance Destiny Memoir Trilogy
Genres Non-Fiction
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A story so sensual, so unconventional, and so shocking… it could only be true.

After a series of life-changing and terrible losses, Cherie moves to steamy Buenos Aires, where the romantic attention of the local men reignites her youth and sexuality. But women like her, who stay to create a life and dance the best tango in the world, rapidly find themselves bombarded with flattery and compliments by the caballeros and milongueros – Men who see women as little more than sexual objects…making life for a free-spirited American woman more sensuous and difficult.

Soon she meets Ramon, the handsome and skilled tanguero who quickly dances his way to her heart. But will the stifling atmosphere of sexual oppression poison the life she has worked so hard to create, far from her home of Los Angeles?

Based on the author’s true experiences… Intoxicating Tango pulls back the red velvet curtain of the milonga (the place where social tango is danced), and reveals the secrets of the viveza criolla- the“artful lying” and machismo that drives life in Buenos Aires.

#3 in Death Dance Destiny memoir series

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