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Girl with the Crooked Smile


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“You don’t know what you’re made of until you are ripped apart.”

Girl with the Crooked Smile is a riveting tale of courage, faith and survival. Deeply confessional and peppered with sarcastic wit, it takes the reader on an intense and moving journey that begins in Latin America when a pregnant American mother of three is diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumor.

The tragedies that follow are mind-boggling and chaotic—-a suicide, an armed robbery, and a gruesome accident. And when their promising new business collapses overnight, the young family spirals into financial ruin. Forced to migrate to South Florida, they march straight into the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression, starting over with nothing but raw guts and five young kids to support.

Revealing what it really takes to weather life’s storms, this inspiring page-turner will render you speechless and leave you with a fresh new optic as you tackle your own life’s challenges.

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