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Don’t Cry, Pappa


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The youngest child of a Norwegian immigrant family to the United States, Gunnar grew up with feelings of alienation and loneliness. He later developed a persistent, profound depression which was only alleviated upon the birth of his first child. This little baby boy became the joy and purpose of Gunnar’s life.

Parents live in perpetual, subconscious fear of losing a child. For this author, this ultimate nightmare has come true not once, but twice; a tragic car accident took the life of his two year-old son, and several years later his 15 year-old daughter drowned while on a camping trip.

In his moving, new memoir, Don’t Cry, Pappa, Gunnar Skollingsberg chronicles his journey from devastating, suicidal depression to tentative, fragile healing. Fortunately, he was able recover the drive to live beyond his children’s deaths. He eventually refocused his life’s purpose to bring moments of happiness and laughter to other children.

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