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Choosing Me Now

Letting Go of What Doesn't Work to Make Room for What Does


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If you understand the value of self-care but fail to do it consistently, then it’s time to create a system of wholistic, strategic self-care.
While You Care for Everyone Else, Who is Caring for You?

We all need to practice self-care, especially those of us who are always busy doing for others, constantly striving for success or experiencing trauma and its aftermath. These activities pile stressors in our lives that self-care can mitigate. Most literature surrounding self-care speaks only to the physical—eat healthy, get enough rest and exercise daily—but you need to care for your mental and spiritual well-being in a way that address your unique need-strength profile. That’s what wholistic, strategic self-care involves.

In Choosing Me Now, you’ll discover:
• Your unique need-strength profile
• Which areas in your life need the most attention
• How to love yourself just as you are
• Ways to incorporate the wholistic, strategic self-care you need in your life

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