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336 Hours


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Illustrator Janet Cheeseman
Genres Non-Fiction
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336 Hours is the diary of a woman in the final stages of her third, and supposedly final, IVF treatment. Often funny, sometimes moving, this is a brutally honest account of every thought and feeling a woman is likely to experience while desperately trying for a baby, and how this will inevitably impact all the relationships in her life. Heavily based on the author’s first-hand experiences, 336 Hours offers much-needed camaraderie to anyone experiencing infertility, as well as the ideal way of explaining to friends and family: “It’s just too difficult to talk about – but here’s an insight into what my life is like right now.”

Cover blurb
The next 336 hours will be tough. No, the next 336 hours will be really tough…

I feel like an Olympian, waiting to see whether the years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication are finally going to pay off, or whether my body is about to fail me at the last hurdle and make me wonder why I ever hoped I could win.

My best friend is pregnant, my single friends are planning their pregnancies and, after five long years of tests and investigations, I’m coming to the end of my third – and supposedly final – IVF treatment. There are 336 hours to survive before I’ll know if I get to join the motherhood club. That’s 224 waking hours of pure psychological torture. 112 sleeping hours to stare at the ceiling and wonder, what the hell am I going to do with my life if it turns out I can’t have kids?

Based on the author’s true life experiences, 336 Hours is a humorous and poignant diary about one woman’s quest to be a mother.

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