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Where the Corn Grows Tallest

A Tale of Mystery and Murder in America's Heartland


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Genres Mystery
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In November 1940, a businessman abruptly vanishes from a rural town in Iowa, never to be seen again. Three decades later, a decorated but disillusioned Vietnam War veteran dies in the same town, a death some view suspiciously. A troubled detective from Des Moines is assigned to confirm the veteran’s cause of death. The detective finds the assignment is not so routine. His inquiry is hindered by politics of war that divide the town, including an outspoken woman who takes an unpopular stance against the war.

As the detective uncovers clues about the veteran’s death, he unearths chilling details related to the unsolved disappearance from 1940. While investigating, he encounters a teenage boy struggling through adolescence and grappling with a frightening run-in with the town curmudgeon. Both the detective and the boy find themselves entangled in solving the town’s dark mysteries with resolutions not easily attained.

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