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The Fenland Spell

A Father Eadred Tale


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Illustrator Mike Bastin (front cover)
Genres Mystery, Historical Fiction
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It is the year 832, and a torrent of crime is sweeping through the Kingdom of the East Angles in what is to become England. The cattle upon which folk depend for milk, meat and muscle are being slaughtered in droves by unknown killers and left to the wolves. Theft can be understood, but this wanton destruction of the kingdom’s lifeblood is unnerving rich and poor alike. In an age when the spirit realm is never far from people’s minds, some folk fear the involvement of demonic forces.

The new ealdorman persuades two of the most powerful families in the kingdom to end an age-old feud and unite, through marriage, against the unseen foe. The pact is precarious and would have many enemies, so it is organised in secret. The bishop despatches a young, inexperienced priest, Father Eadred, to conduct the ceremony. His decision will expose Eadred to terrible risks.

In the mysterious deep fen country of the kingdom, the skies open and floods leach murder victims from the earth. More killings will take place. Eadred is drawn into helping uncover the mind and the purpose behind the wave of death and destruction. He faces dangers in the world of men and from the spirit realm, but brings the conflict to a head in court and in battle.

But has Eadred found all of the culprits?

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