Lindsay Jacob

Award-winning Historical Fiction Author


About Lindsay Jacob

Lindsay Jacob was born in East Anglia, where his joy of history began. He attended the Cambridge Grammar School for Boys before travelling and settling in Australia, but is a frequent visitor to the UK. He read anthropology and economics at Sydney University, and early in his career became private secretary to a minister in the Australian Government.

It was from this point that Jacob started in earnest putting innovative thinking into the written word. He continued writing speeches for senior opinion leaders, until retiring a few years ago. “Speech-writing earned me a reputation as an imaginative thinker and creative writer, teaching me useful skills that have translated into fiction writing, especially to put myself in the shoes of my characters and readers. Although my career involved imagining the future, my passion was to give life to the past. The mysterious Anglo-Saxon period has always inspired me, during which England was formed and when Christianity and pagan beliefs vied for souls.”

Jacob’s understanding of Anglo-Saxon history and beliefs is recognised as intelligent and thorough. His website includes some of the research he has undertaken for his novels. He recently gave a talk to the Museum of Cambridge (UK) on his writing and research.

“I feel drawn to the historical landscapes of my youth, especially in and around the fens, and that the remnants of distant past lives can be discovered beneath our feet. Their former owners prod at our toes as we walk over their bones, catching our attention; smiling as we pick up their long-lost belongings or saddened when we come across evidence of their brutal deaths.”


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