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Murder at the Creek


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Book Series Copperhead Creek Romance Series
Genres Mystery, Romance
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There’s been a murder in Willows, and the victim was someone’s Valentine.

For the first time in his life Rob Andersen has plans for Valentine’s Day, but when a young woman’s body is discovered, the small town cop must shift his focus from the living to the dead.

Carol Phillips has been nervously anticipating her romantic getaway with the handsome Sergeant, but when he cancels at the last minute she struggles with lingering doubt.

Rob won’t rest with a murderer on the loose, but can he strike a balance between his work and his personal life and let Carol in? If he does, will she live to regret her choices?

This is the sixth standalone novel in the Copperhead Creek Australian Romance series, set in the small town of Willows where people’s lives overlap and tangle.

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