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Bound to the Truth

Dreamslippers Series Book 3


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Illustrator Monika Younger
Book Series The Dreamslippers Series
Genres Mystery
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What if you could ‘slip’ into the dreams of a killer? This family of PIs can. They use their psychic dream ability to solve crimes, and that isn’t easy. Especially when your client thinks she knows who the killer is, but you don’t believe her. Did Nina Howell really fall under the spell of a domineering, conservative talk show host? The case brings powerful new developments in Cat’s dreamslipping skill as she works to find the answer.

“I found myself completely submerged in this story of intrigue.”

Up-and-coming architect Nina Howell and her wife Robin have always been a study in contrasts, and the foundation of their marriage had begun to show cracks. But when Nina’s found dead in a room in the very hotel she designed, Robin points the finger at Seattle’s iconoclast politico, Sam Waters. As Robin’s hired investigators, Cat and Amazing Grace must find out if the two seeming strangers had any connection at all outside of Robin’s suspicions. Is this just grief talking, or is it denial? Maybe Nina and Sam were having an affair, which would spread the motive around…

“…A total whodunit mystery that will keep you on edge until the very end!”

Meanwhile, all three Dreamslippers wade into the murky waters of Seattle’s dating scene. Will Cat move to San Francisco to be with Jacob, or will her rekindled connection with Greg give her reason to stay in Seattle? Can Mick finally forge a meaningful relationship, despite his damaged reputation and the complications of dreamslipping? When a surprise accident leaves Grace hospitalized, is romance still possible?

“I loved following along as they had to dig deep to find the killer.”

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