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The Tunnel To Darkness and Light


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Genres Middle Grade, Fantasy
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When darkness threatens the fantasy world that Aiden Scott and his friends have created, can Aiden find the courage to save that world- and his friends’ lives?

It is the near future, after another civil war has torn America apart. Frightened twelve-year-old Aiden feels alone in the world. His mother is longer around and his angry father wants nothing to do with him. Then a group of neighborhood boys invites him through a secret tunnel to a fantasy world- Summerville, a tropical island where the weather is always nice and everything is perfect. Finally, Aiden starts to see the good around him.

But when Summerville is threatened by violent mercenaries who block the tunnel home, Aiden and his friends must decide what is important to them. As the boys decide to stay and fight, they go on adventures and each receives something that will help in that quest.

They also cross paths with Oliver, the vampire that lives in the Haunted Forest, and Addison, the shape shifter who is sometimes a black stallion, sometimes her human self. But most fascinating are The Keepers of Memory, old men that live in caves and receive the memories that Aiden and everyone he knows have long since forgotten. Twenty-one-year-old Benjamin is the only young Keeper among them, and soon Aiden looks up to him.

Throughout it all, as the battle with the mercenaries gets closer, Aiden must find his fighting spirit if he wants to save everything that is still good in his life.

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