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The Castaway King Chronicles- Mirrors of Eden


Website(s) The Castaway King website 
Genres Middle Grade, Fantasy
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The Afterdark world of Haven was far more terrible and
beautiful than Pil Persins could have ever expected. Not
everyone had survived the mission aboveground, but Pil
and his friends returned to Westleton, a little scarred, but
safe and alive.In their absence, the world underground
had begun to change. Southden was taken by a mysterious
enemy, and a war is brewing on their borders. At the center
of it all, is the Castaway King. The Exidite need to know
what is going on in Southden, they need to know the Castaway
King’s plan. And for that, they need Pil.Pil will have to
use every ounce of strength, magic, and cunning if he intends
to survive. In the midst of enemies, traitors, monsters and the
Castaway King himself – nothing is more important to Pil than
to keeping his secrets close, and his friends alive.

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