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Eye of the Moon

Book 1


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Genres Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction
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Did Alice die from a curse? Or was she murdered?

With these questions, two childhood friends reunite as adults and set out to investigate what really happened to an enigmatic figure from their childhood, who died under odd circumstances twenty years earlier.

Johnny Dodge, famously cavalier, shows up at Percy’s doorstep with an invitation and a plea, troubled by something he cannot yet reveal. Obligated by their history together, Percy accepts, but never expects a house party to morph into an investigation of mysterious deaths, multigenerational intrigue, and a dive into Egyptian occultism that has unexpected ramifications.

The men stumble upon Alice’s letters and journals and discover that her story is not what they’ve been told—not at all. Everyone has a secret, and nothing is what it seems. Making an obscure occultic deal, they hear from the last man who saw Alice alive. Did he have a hand in her death? Can his words be trusted? What will become of the friends as they seek out the truth? Opening a Pandora’s box, the consequences affect everyone at the house party, living and otherwise.

The award-winning first book in this historical fiction/American gothic series, “Eye of the Moon” has kept readers (and listeners, in its audiobook version) up late into the night wondering what will happen next. Captivated by its deftly crafted plot and the fascinating characters that develop in surprising ways, the audience experiences vividly the haunting, sumptuous estate of Rhinebeck and the life of American high society, as if part of that world.

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