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The Year-God’s Daughter

The Child of the Erinyes


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For time beyond memory, Crete has sacrificed its kings to ensure good harvests, ward off earthquakes, and please the Goddess. Men compete in brutal trials to win the title of Zagreus, the sacred bull-king, though winning condemns them to death in a year.

Two brothers from Mycenae descend into the dark, unsettling depths of the Knossos temple, attempting to thwart the competition and their deaths as they search for a way to overthrow this rich, coveted society.

Hindering their goal is the seductive and fearless Cretan princess, Aridela, an uncommon woman of great honesty and loyalty, and ancient prophecies, which predict that any threat to Immortal Athene’s people will spark her terrible wrath in a calamity of unimaginable consequences.

Three lives merge in courage and glory, passion and sacrifice, destiny and desperation, lighting sparks that will echo through millenniums.

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