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The Price


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Book Series Across the World on the Wings of the Wind
Genres Historical Fiction
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Hans Kaspar Schneebeli is enthralled by William Penn’s words describing an Eden where there is land for all, and everyone is free to worship as they please. Verena Dups, his long-time love, is happy living on her father’s horse farm in Affoltern-am-Albis near Zürich, Switzerland.It seems nothing can heal the rift when Hans Kaspar insists he wants to go to America, and Verena adamantly refuses. Until…The death of his father, the casual words of a customer, and the plans of his own teenaged sons bring Hans Kaspar to a crisis. His dream of America returns. This time Verena sees that nothing can stop him or her sons. To keep the family together, Verena and her little girls must go, too, even though the voyage is dangerous, and there’s no turning back.

The journey across the Atlantic changes all their lives, costing far more than the price of passage.The Price is a love story, a historical novel about a Mennonite family’s emigration from Switzerland to Pennsylvania in the mid-eighteenth century, a powerful rendering of what happened over and over in families that immigrated to America.

The Price is the third book in the series, Across the World on the Wings of the Wind, a trilogy about the Lunkhofen/Schneebeli family. The first book is Savior which tells the story of two brothers, Rudolf and Conrad von Lunkhofen who go on Crusade in 1244. The second book is The Brothers Path that looks at the experiences of six Schneebeli brothers when the Protestant Reformation hits their village and their lives. The Price brings the family to America in 1743. All three books are Brag Medallion Honorees.

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