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The Hussar’s Duty

A European Tale in the Age of Enlightenment (Book 3 in the Winged Warrior Series)


Website(s) Griffin Brady   
Book Series Winged Warrior Series
Genres Historical Fiction
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His time of peace is coming to an end. Will honor and fidelity lay claim to his life?

Poland, 1620. Jacek Dąbrowski scents war in the air. Away from the battlefield for five years, the renowned fighter yields to a growing itch and answers the general’s request to help lead the army against the Ottomans. But he’s torn between duty and family when the perils of combat force him to leave his defenseless wife behind.

Attending war councils and taking command of problematic noblemen, Jacek starts to doubt the mission and the sacrifice of being far from his loved ones. But his loyalty to his commander could put him on an irreversible path to disaster…

Will Jacek’s call to arms prove to be his death song?

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