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Sword of Peace


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Genres Historical Fiction
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In a time when everyone must choose a side, what will she do? Will she stay safe by attending the only approved Church in the land, even though nothing makes sense? Or will she open her heart to the simple words of her Anabaptist friends, even though she may be pursued unto death by drowning? Is it worth the risk? She has already lost so much.
During the sixteenth century Reformation, the world is in confusion and much blood will be shed before freedom of religion is granted. Anna is as confused as anyone else who questions the religion that people have been fed for centuries. Her entire Anabaptist family has been brutally executed by burning them alive in their own home, and she has vowed never to have anything to do with this radical group again.
However, when her friend tells her the shocking news that she and her husband have secretly joined the Anabaptists in Amsterdam, Anna has some serious thinking to do. She is angry at her friend for putting herself in such danger, and yet curious about the faith which seems to bring her such peace, even when facing a cruel death.
Anna secretly finds herself in love with Adriaen, a new widower. He appreciates her taking care of his children, but will he ever see her as anything more? Complicating matters even further, Adriaen is an Anabaptist preacher with a price on his head. Will he survive the persecution? Or will their differences in faith be the barrier that keeps them apart?

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